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Thank you Dr. Rupp for presenting to NAMI On Campus: Brain Health Leadership club

19-Mar-2018: Dr. Sonia Rupp and future doctors guest present at STHS’s NAMI On Campus: Brain Health Leadership club.   Thank you for the education and tips!

Dr. Sonia Rupp, Psychiatrist (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for Adult Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) shared the history of psychiatry over the past 200 years and the various improvements in treatments discovered.  Dramatic improvements have been made particularly in the past 20 years.
Dr. Rupp introduced her daughter who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and is nearing completion of her 4th year of Medical School.   Jeanne and Alan re-introduced their daughter who is majoring in Neuroscience nearing completion of her 2nd year toward’s her Bachelor’s degree.   Thank you for joining us!!
About 12-13 year’s of Education is required to work as a Psychiatrist:
– 4-year “Bachelor’s degree”
– 4-years “Medical School”
– 3-year “Residency” but you get paid to be a Resident
– 1-2 year “Fellowship” but you get paid
Dr. Rupp brought a sample plastic brain structure and showed the inside where the limbic system is located and explained how that limbic system is important because it is what is responsible for how we feel, our thinking and mood, and our emotional expressions.  She discussed the important role the synapses play in our mental well-being.
Dr. Rupp discussed how genetics plays a key role in our mental health but that of hundreds of diagnosis codes in the DSM-V we need to consider that these are on a SPECTRUM.  The spectrum can range from severely ill to healthy.   So seeking a mental health evaluation can help bring perspective to a genetic predisposition and getting treatment can help us thrive.
Some may have mild depression and others severe and some may have moments in time where their mental health moves from one end of the spectrum to the other.   She cited the example of the astronaut, Scott Kelly and how micro-level changes in his DNA changed after being in space 1 year compared to his twin (see study here)
Childhood Trauma can change how our brain is wired (see ACES study) so we know that surrounding ourselves with positive friends, seeking treatment early, and following a Mental Wellbeing daily plan is helpful.
Thank you Dr. Rupp!
Dr. Rupp left us with a daily tip sheet for Mental Wellbeing:
Mental Wellbeing:
Breathe – relaxation or meditation exercises daily
Routine – prioritize your time and have realistic goals
Exercise – physical and mental exercises daily
Acts of kindness towards self and others – avoid guilt and resentment
Talk – positive socialization (reach out to therapist)
Hobby – interest or activity that gives a sense of purpose
End each day with gratitude
  – honor your strengths & celebrate reaching your goals

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