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Hospital Transitions: Tips

Looking for an in-patient psychiatric hospital within 100 miles of South Lake Tahoe?

Want to know how to find board and care options?  Want to know what to avoid post-hospital release and what to ask for in discharge planning?.   Read our Hospital Transition Tips:



Conservatorship aka Guardianship:

The attached is from 2011 but the information is still relevant.   Securing guardianship over your loved one helps minimize the volume of ROI’s (Releases of Information) one needs to have them sign in hospital, with every flavor of department within a single insurance provider, with providers, etc.

Securing conservatorship is can be done with or without an attorney.  Some estimates have been $5,000-$8000 assuming no relatives contest this and it goes to trial followed by annual “renewals” in front of a judge ranging $1500-2500/year.   Remember, all relatives 1st and 2nd line get notified of the pursuit of guardianship.    Alternatively you can contact the public guardianship office of your county and ask for help…ask if they can pursue this guardianship and conserve with safe housing.    Several families have attained probate conservatorship for their loved ones by completing the court’s paperwork and sharing medical history.   Attend a NAMI Family Support Group meeting (held monthly in El Dorado County) and ask other families members what worked for them.

Those in in-patient hospitals will benefit from family support and the critical “magic words” to state were taught to me by a few very good social workers ironically from within a private in-patient hospital setting where my loved was being stabilized.   I let them know in writing that my loved one cannot return home until our safety could be guaranteed; until he is medication compliant; and treatment compliant.  We cannot risk our own safety until he is linked to services and supports and there is evidence that he is well enough to be medication compliant.  We also requested long-acting-injectables because our loved one lives not only with schizophrenia but that ever so common “anosognosia” that goes along with so many psychotic disorders.

Thank you to long-time NAMI El Dorado County volunteers for all that you do in sharing information.    The insane consequences our loved ones endure directly due to their brain illness is disgusting.   If your loved one has been released pre-maturely by an in-patient unit without proper and verified linkages to services please do file a grievance.     See our front page on our website LEFT column for how to do this or call our warm-line.



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