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New Tahoe Startup Launching On-Demand Therapy App

New Tahoe Startup Launching On-Demand Therapy App
An exciting new company called LARKR, based right here in El Dorado county, is poised to revolutionize how mental health therapy is accessed across America by breaking down the barriers that inhibit care.

Through its innovative smartphone app, LARKR provides real-time access to certified therapists via video chat for anyone with an internet connection. This private and convenient platform is ideal for people on-the-go, and offers affordable prices per session.
All of LARKR’s mental health care professionals are certified to practice in the states they serve and specialize in the issue at hand to provide clients with the best care possible.
LARKR even offers unique features that go beyond in-office therapy, like facilitating multi-user sessions from different locations, which is highly convenient for couples’ therapy or parent-child sessions.
Launching later this month, LARKR will be available for iOS and is coming soon to Android. For more information, visit

High quality, cost effective mental health care. Available 24×7 from your iOS or Android device. The Larkr app lets you live video with expert therapists affordably

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