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Nevada publishes Hospitals / Assisted living options

Nevada has recently published this on-line listing of all hospitals and Assisted Living options in the state.

Unfortunately it does not highlight which hospital or assisted living specializes in psychiatric services or whether they offer psychiatric services.    This means everyone in need has to do the extra legwork of researching this on their own.

Our affiliate has provided a summary of in-patient psychiatric hospital information called “Post-Hospitalization Tips” available at any of the Mental Health Kiosks in South Lake Tahoe and available on-line here:

NAMI Post-Hospital TIP Vertical Format

Family members and caregivers benefit from knowing precisely which hospitals are local options for their loved ones.   It is often difficult to find an in-patient psychiatric hospital bed available locally where families can more easily offer support and be a part of the transition-to-treatment plan.  Thankfully a new state-of-the-art facility has opened in Reno called “Reno Behavioral Health” offering 124 beds.  Reno Behavioral Health opened in the Spring of 2018.

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