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NAMI El Dorado County requests your help by providing input into the county’s MHSA$ 3 year plan!


NAMI El Dorado County is asking for your participation in the county’s 3-year Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) planning process.  It is a simple survey.  Please keep in mind that virtually ALL mental illnesses are on a spectrum from mild to moderate to severe and those living with a mental illness can cycle back and forth depending on many factors.  This is simply reality.   Most mental illnesses can be attributed to heritability and environmental stressors can play a role in shifting us up or down the spectrum.

We have advocated greatly these past years for improvements within the county specifically within the criminal justice system.  Please remember that our loved ones when unwell often cycle into the criminal justice system.  For this reason it is important to ask county officials and those governing precious MHSA $ to consider aligning MHSA$ more directly and collaboratively with funding for the Stepping Up initiative, Behavioral Health Court, Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT), Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams (PERT) and provide greater “accountability.”  We were intentional in developing this brochure so that county leaders could help ensure their staff and sub-contractors would gain a basic understanding about heritability as it relates to mental illness and co-occurring addiction.      No one ever anticipates their child will be homeless or end up within the criminal justice system; no one plans for this; but things do not always go as planned when it comes to mental illness.     Please ask for investments which are “collaborative” across agencies such as Stepping Up, Behavioral Health Court, and PERT.   Here is a summary of opportunities within this county:


CIT Video - gap summary graphic


Mental Illness symptoms tend to show in teens (50% show symptoms by age 14 and 75% by age 24) but these symptoms tend to increase through our 20’s on average.  For women onset can be a bit later…   That said, let’s keep in mind that the predominate age range for early intervention is teens through about early 30’s.  The brain isn’t fully developed in men until about age 30.



In 2004, California voters approved Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).  Proposition 63 places a 1% tax on personal incomes over $1 million.  The State then distributes funds to the counties.  The services provided under MHSA are consumer and family-driven, recovery-oriented, accessible, culturally competent, and they offer integrated service experiences for consumers and their families.


El Dorado County is in the process of gathering community input for the next Three-Year MHSA Program and Expenditure Plan.  Within this email are two (2) survey links:  one for Community Service Providers and one for Consumers/Family members who receive mental health services.  The MHSA Team would appreciate your input on the surveys to help us chart the future of mental health services in El Dorado County.  Please respond to the survey by November 30, 2019.


If you are a Community Service provider, please click the link below, which will take you to the online survey; or complete the survey titled “Charting the Future in Mental Health – Provider Survey” attached to this email.


If you are a Consumer/Family member, please click the link below, which will take you to the online survey; or complete the survey titled “Charting the Future in Mental Health – Consumer/Family Survey” attached to this email.

These links may be forwarded.

If you are both a Community Service provider and a Consumer/Family member, please feel free to complete both surveys.

Paper surveys should be returned to El Dorado County Behavioral Health, Attn:  MHSA, 768 Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 201, Diamond Springs, CA  95619


The MHSA Team also welcomes your attendance at our Community Program Planning Meetings.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.


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