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We are seeking more volunteers that want to gain certification as a NAMI Family Program Educator and/or NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator.   Do you have passion/interest in working as a volunteer facilitator of our monthly Family Support Group in South Lake Tahoe or Placerville?  We need more “back-up” facilitators.    Do you have passion/interest in working as a volunteer educator providing an annual class in NAMI Basics or NAMI Family-to-Family (or the Spanish equivalent?)

Do you have interest in facilitating the success of a peer-to-peer program?  We look to skilled Family-to-Family instructors to plan/lead with our peers as a 3-person team (1 f2f/basics instructor plus 2 peers.).

Upcoming Trainings

NAMI California is the provider of TRAINER training and this training is generally only offered annually.

Contact: Jeanne at if you are interested.  There is an application that you will need to complete.

NAMI Family to Family, Basics Teacher and Support Group Trainings:

NAMI Family to Family training is for family member volunteers desiring to teach the Family to Family 12 week course.
NAMI Basics training is for family members and caregivers desiring to teach the Basics 6 week course.
Note: Graduates of the education program for which the person is being trained are strongly preferred.
NAMI Family Support Group training is for a volunteer desiring to conduct a family support group and is a family member of someone living with a mental illness. Experience having participated in a support group is preferred.

COST: Materials, training, lodging, and meals are free. There is reimbursement for transportation.SPONSORED BY: NAMI CALIFORNIA through a grant from the MHSOAC
NAMI Family Programs Educator and Support Group Facilitator Requirements:

  •   It is important that all individuals trained in this curriculum have lived through the experience of having a family member with a mental illness.
  •   Membership in NAMI El Dorado County is $40.00 annually or just $5.00 for open door or $60 for family.  You must be a NAMI member to take this training.
  •   Be at a point in their life where they are familiar and comfortable with the emotional issues families face and can self-disclose about their own feelings regarding their life situation.
  •   NAMI Basics only: Volunteer must also be (or have been) a parent or caregiver of a child exhibiting signs of mental illness before the age of 13.APPLICATION PROCESS: Candidates must be referred by their affiliate education coordinator, Family to Family or Basics teacher, a NAMI Support Group facilitator, or their local NAMI board member. Applications are remitted
    Applications are now being received for the following Family Program Education Trainings*:
  •   September- 21st-23rd, 2018 Family to Family in Placerville (El Dorado County)
  •   October 19th-21st 2018 – Basics in San Diego
  •   November 3rd and 4th 2018 – Family Support Group in Redding (Shasta County)
  •   December- 7th-9th 2018 – de Familia a Familia in San Luis Obispo
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT TRAININGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CHECK AFFILIATE NEWSLETTER ON A REGULAR BASIS.NAMI California:   Your application needs to be sent to (please keep a copy of your application.)
  • 1851 Heritage Ln. Ste. 150 Tel: (916) 567-0163 Main Office FAX: 916-567-1757 Email:



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