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Marijuana: Do your Research and learn your family pre-disposition

Do your research and learn your family pre-disposition.  We continue to champion the importance of developing a family MH and addiction tree and extended family tree (going back multiple generations if possible) hunting for anyone with serious mental illness and addictions of any kind.
Please do not rely on friendly anecdotal experiences from pals who may perhaps be ill-trained in mental illness identification and science-based treatment.
Help avoid psychosis relapse – do scientific research. Several neuroscientists estimate as many as 25% cases of schizophrenia are linked to cannabis use (mostly heavy users but some casual where predisposition to serious mental illness is a factor.). If you have any predisposition to schizophrenia, BP1, or other mental illnesses where psychosis has been a factor please understand the risks – yes even with very very low 1-5% level THC products.
Those saying “your loved one was re-hospitalized because they were taking the wrong strain or the wrong type …” These words are ignorant, misleading and do not demonstrate empathy to family’s caring for a loved one with chronic schizophrenia.
Some of our loved ones have worked incredibly hard to overcome their cannabis dependency and to understand how their anti-psychotic helps prevent relapse.   Sometimes they have setbacks (like anyone living with co-occurring addiction) and are drawn to use even returning to a single low-grade THC product one time a year after no use can trigger psychosis and a return to in-patient hospitalization to once again stabilize.   The burden on the patient and caregivers is monumental…months of post-hospital recovery can be a factor.
Because our society is flooded with cannabis-industry-marketing and far less flooded with neuroscience discoveries — we urge everyone to learn more about neuroscience and understand your family’s genetic predisposition to mental illness.
Our hearts go out to the hundreds that have have expressed in tears to us “why didn’t anyone tell us the risks – we had no idea” as they join the circle of NAMI family peer support for serious mental illness and learn how to manage lifelong schizophrenia recovery/relapse process.
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