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Legal Services of Northern CA: types of services

Legal Services of Northern CA: This is just a reminder of the types of cases that Legal Services of Northern CA can assist you with.

Health Team Can Assist With:
health intake line at 1-888-354-4474.
– can only assist on access to healthcare issues meaning that if the person is having problems accessing mental health care or any health care for that matter through their insurance plan or through the county then these legal experts can talk through the obstacles faced and depending on the access problems assist to break down some of these barriers. They can also assist when individuals are having health insurance eligibility issues (when insurance has been terminated or proposed for termination) or when an individual is being denied services by their health plan. They can assist with questions about medical bills.

Specifically it is important to note that we do not provide any criminal law assistance and we do not provide any type of conservatorship assistance.

If you are calling for your loved one then you must have POWER OF ATTORNEY or CONSERVATORSHIP or have your loved one with you providing their permission…otherwise the legal team cannot help. They cannot provide any assistance to an individual that does not have legal authority to speak on behalf of the individual needing the legal assistance.

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