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How to find Board and Cares / Adult Residential Facilities for El Dorado County, Alpine, etc.

January 2018

Board & Cares for our community

A friend of mine in El Dorado County has experienced positive support and a safe living Board & Care environment for her daughter for over 20 years.  Sadly, this Board & Care is now being dissolved as the leadership is retiring.   Where does one turn?

One would hope picking up the phone and contacting the public guardian’s office within our county would at minimum provide some guiding information.  One would also hope such information would at minimum be posted on our county’s website with an easy search.  Not so.

The website for Adult Board and Cares (ages 18 to 60 or 65)…. Adult Residential Facilities is  You go to this homepage and click on the city or county relevant to your search.     You may need to try many counties and make many calls to find a solution.
Many of us get tangled up in elderly care homes or expensive Assisted Living Homes. In our quest we have met some unhelpful people and thank goodness some lifesavers.  We have received much praise for the leadership our NAMI El Dorado County affiliate brings to the community particularly during difficult times.
You may also check the monthly report provided by the county’s H&HS department to the Behavioral Health Commission.
Unfortunately the county does not keep an archive list of these reports so it is a manual effort to go here and open each agenda, scroll down within the agenda, then click on the county’s report.   NAMI El Dorado County requested inclusion of the names of Board & Cares used by the county into that report a couple of years ago and we were heard.

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