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Crucial Conversations: brochure and poster

Crucial front 22-July-2019

outside 22-july-2019-crucal

Our NAMI affiliate recently developed this brochure to inspire crucial conversations. We provide this as part of our outreach to middle/high-school/community-college students and include in our 15 free mental health kiosks strategically located through-out our rural county.  The kiosks were established to encourage access earlier.

Our affiliate serves South Lake Tahoe, CA through Placerville and El Dorado Hills, CA and neighboring Alpine County, CA (we border Nevada and are familiar with bi-state policy challenges impacting families that live/work across state lines.)

This is precisely the kind of information politicians, mental health advocacy leaders, clinicians, county leaders/staff, and parents/caregivers/students need. We are intentional in emphasizing heritability rates rather than the traditional emphasis on purely concordance rates and encouraging exploration of one’s family tree.   We can alleviate personal blame when we take the time to understand pre-disposition risks and trauma.  Keep in mind that trauma can mean many things (in utero trauma, alcohol/cannabis/drugs adversely impacting a still developing brain, and the more obvious psychological and physical traumas, etc.).  Even one’s pre-disposition to emotional vulnerability can be linked to one’s family tree.

The science behind addiction and mental illness will continue to evolve but we all need to do more to help embrace what is already known.

Enjoy the process of exploring your family tree.

Crucial Conversation posters for use in schools are available to teachers participating in our NAMI outreach in this local community,  Many thanks for the tremendous support the community has provided our all volunteer affiliate.   Thank you to Michael Tino, for your tremendous talent in graphic design and passion for helping others in our community.

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