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Barton Community Health 2018 Directory <– Southshore area (this is our local community directory.) <- this is the county’s website; here you will find data about El Dorado County.  There is no Community directory on the Western Slope. learn how to work in the field of mental health

Only Kindness, Inc: 530-344-1864 Resource for homeless individuals looking for housing and other things to help them live in tents or cars…must make an appointment and indicate “I’m about to be homeless” or “I am homeless.”

Grievance Forms
We encourage family’s and/or our loved ones to file a complaints / grievances.  This is how operations improve! Change is only possible with awareness.  Let your voices be heard.
Have you done  all that you can do  to help improve the operation’s of mental health services/supports?  Filing a simple complaint/grievance suggesting improvements helps improve our community’s mental health services/supports as a whole!
Be part of the solution – make suggestions that are specific.
records40% Fewer Re-Admission Rates when access to medical records provided
Some research has been published indicating that patients that are given their full medical records after release from an in-patient stay have
40% fewer re-admission rates within the first month.
If your in-patient hospital or provider is refusing to provide your medical records then it is appropriate to file a grievance with the State of California and with the provider.  Make sure you also contact your insurance provider to let them know this provider/hospital is not cooperating. You may also request a meeting with the attending psychiatrist and/or patient right’s advocate.
If you have completed the necessary forms requesting medical records and have been turned down – we encourage you to file a grievance first with the provider…and then with the State of California if the provider’s grievance process did not address your complaint.
  • Every hospital or provider has their own complaint/grievance form (they are not standard across providers or agencies.)
  • TeleCare’s PHF in Placerville has complaint/grievance forms within their in-patient hospital.
  • El Dorado County Behavioral Health Grievance Forms are available on their main website here (and available in the Wellness Centers both on the WS and SLT.)
  • TeleCare Corporation now has a generic on-line grievance form based on our local advocacy.
  • The PHF in Placerville has hired a new manager, Jeff Symon: 530-748-4700.
    El Dorado County Behavioral Health has a new client-advocate: Danielle: patientrightsadvocate

What Should I Do If I Have A Complaint About a Hospital (which was not addressed by the provider’s grievance process)?  File Grievance with California

Not sure where to file?  Federal HHS parity complaint website:

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