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Autism Resources

July 17, 2019

Are you aware of these AUTISM Resources? Autism Spectrum Disorder: Overview Over Sensitivies to Sounds, Smell, Touch and Taste in PreSchoolers Predicted Higher Risk for Anxiety at age 6 Some Pathologies in Autism are Traced to Stem Cells in the Developing Brain Alta Regional Center: their role is to assist more »

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Winter Shelters / Warm Rooms: Nomadic Shelter and Warm Room

February 20, 2019

              WHERE TO FIND SHELTERS: Many of our loved ones are staying in either the Nomadic Shelter (on the Placerville side of the Mountain known as the Western Slope) or the Warm Room (provided by Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless in South Lake Tahoe.). We are grateful to the many more »

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Marijuana: Do your Research and learn your family pre-disposition

January 29, 2019

Marijuana: Do your research and learn your family pre-disposition.  We continue to champion the importance of developing a family MH and addiction tree and extended family tree (going back multiple generations if possible) hunting for anyone with serious mental illness and addictions of any kind. Please do not rely on friendly anecdotal experiences from pals more »

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