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Language Matters: Tips on What to Say

Language Matters: Tips from Dr. Amador

Do NOT Say: 
  • My loved one refuses to acknowledge he’s mentally ill
  • Denies he’s mentally ill
  • Won’t admit
  • Doesn’t admit….
  • Refuses to admit…(this is the worst offender)
 This all reflects our loved ones have a choice that they are ill.   We would never say “our loved ones won’t admit they are hallucinating.”
Do Say:
  • My loved one cannot comprehend he is mentally ill
  • Is unaware he is mentally ill
  • Unable to see or understand he’s …
  • Has anosognosia, a lack of insight, that he is mentally ill   <– this is the MOST COMMON reason why our loved ones are inconsistent in adhering to treatment!
Tips from Dr. Xavier Amador in his 10th anniversary edition book and his recent recorded webinar.
You can find unlimited access to the recorded webinar available at
Once you register the replay becomes available. The sound quality is poor but worth replaying.

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