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October 2, 2019

By NAMI Board Member, 2-Oct-2019

Yesterday we were warmly welcomed to a meeting with TeleCare’s local leadership overseeing the Psychiatric Health Facility (the only in-patient psychiatric hospital in El Dorado County.).  Our affiliate organized this meeting and tour.   This facility is an El Dorado County Health&Human-Services (EDC H&HS) facility built in 1941 and the services provided at what old-schoolers refer to as “the PHF.”    This in patient psychiatric hospital service is  sub-contracted to TeleCare by EDC H&HS.

Why is Read More
    By NAMI El Dorado County Board Member 30-July-2019 Will this county be able to effectively govern yet more MHSA$ provisioned and entrusted by the State of California?      Results of a Grand Jury investigation made recommendations about how to improve MHSA$ spending effectivity. We are grateful for the Behavioral Health Commission’s leadership in welcoming public and agency perspective. Ideas/examples within this post are not new to what we have shared in BH Commission meetings.   In early June 2019, NAMI El Dorado County’s Read More
    Crucial front 22-July-2019 outside 22-july-2019-crucal NAMI19_crucialPoster24x302-July22

    Our NAMI affiliate recently developed this brochure to inspire crucial conversations. We provide this as part of our outreach to middle/high-school/community-college students and include in our Read More

    Legal Services of Northern CA: This is just a reminder of the types of cases that Legal Services of Northern CA can assist you with.

    Health Team Can Assist With: health intake line at 1-888-354-4474. – can only assist on access to healthcare issues meaning that if the person is having problems accessing mental health care or any health care for that matter through their insurance plan or through the county then these legal experts can talk through the obstacles faced Read More

    Recognizing May 2019 as


    Comments from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) El Dorado County

    El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Meeting

    May 14, 2019


    My name is Fred Hjerpe.  I am Co-President of NAMI El Dorado County (EDC).  My wife, Mariel, and I reside in southern El Dorado County near the middle fork of the Cosumnes River within the Cosumnes River Community Services District where I also serve as Vice-President of the District’s Board of Directors.  We are thankful to Read More

    25-Apr-2019 By NAMI El Dorado County Board Member

    Currently, genetic testing cannot accurately predict your risk of developing a mental health disorder. If a disease runs in your family, your health care professional can tell you if it’s the kind of illness that can be detected through genetic testing.  Brain research is fascinating and helping to pin-point improved treatments and hopefully one day a cure. is ….   The Read More

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