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In The News: NAMI El Dorado County

November 14, 2018

This brand new NAMI Peer-to-Peer course is strength-based and outcome-oriented.   Attendees create and track personal goals each week and practice stress reduction techniques and communication skills.  Every class offers an opportunity to gain new information, support and skills in a confidential setting.

NAMI P2P Spring 2019

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    October, 2018: An update by Sabrina Owen, H&HS, Behavioral Health Manager in SLT:

    Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction (MIOCR) Grant, which is now in it’s 4th year (funding for grant cycle lasted 3 years with expectation that it would be continued for 4 years )  we had hoped to achieve improvement in mental health and overall stability/quality of life as evidenced by fewer days incarcerated and ideally continued engagement with services (as needed) upon completion of BHC requirements (if applicable).  Read More


    Trevor Bartholomew passed away on January 21, 2017…his Mom, Stephanie Bartholomew, has given permission for this to be shared in hopes it may help others. Jeanne Nelson, NAMI El Dorado County, 30- Sep-2018. The Bartholomew’s co-sponsored (with FKCE) our 2018 NAMI Family-to-Family class in South Lake Tahoe:

    Here is a pdf of this story for those that wish to reprint

    —–Original Message—– From: Aubrey Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 11:24 AM To: Subject: Letter to give PHF

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    25-Sep-2018, By Jeanne Nelson, President, NAMI El Dorado County

    A huge thank you to Brian Richart, Chief Probation Officer and Sheriff John D’Agostini and the entire Stepping Up project team for implementing a best in case jail screening tool.   The Brief Mental Health Jail Screening tool (BMHJS) is designed to screen incoming detainees for further more in-depth mental health assessments.   It is a quick and effective process with a positive track record.    Learn more here.

    It is Read More

    Notes from 2 NAMI Volunteers that attended the September “Homeless Coalition Meeting and Board Meeting Sep 2018”. Thank you Val and Lynn for summarizing for our community. These notes are a combination of key points from both the Board and General Membership meeting. 1) We observe there is an opportunity to provide enhanced “Mental Health 101” education for this group as we heard some making comments indicating they do not understand mental illness.   One said Read More


    Note: Special thanks to Howie Nave (KRLTFM) and Lisa Schaffer (Wildwood Maker’s Market and part-time meaningful staffer at Suicide Prevention Network) for raising awareness in a variety of ways this month.

    Talking on air about mental health and suicide awareness – recent brain studies

    By Jeanne Nelson, President, NAMI El Dorado County: (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

    Dear Survivors – families of loved ones who have died by suicide….

    We have so many unanswered questions. Why did our loved one give Read More

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